Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Blues Brothers

Photo: Wikipedia.

There are two kinds of people in the world - those who love 'The Blues Brothers' and those who don't or who haven't heard of them.

Dan Ackroyd and James Belushi formed a blues band towards the end of the 1970s and performed on the American television programme 'Saturday Night Live' and at live 'gigs'. They established a cult following and in 1980 John Landis produced the film 'The Blues Brothers' which, in addition to great music, featured some epic car chases. Dan Ackroyd played 'Elwood Blues', James Belushi 'Jake Blues'. James Belushi died in 1982 but, in one form or another, the Blues Brothers continued to perform. The popularity of the band encouraged the formation of a number of Tribute Bands. Some 20 years after the original film, Dan Ackroyd again played Elwood in the film sequel 'Blues Brothers 2000', without Jake but with other new characters.

My partner Daemon took me to the cinema to see 'The Blues Brothers' back in 1980 and I was convinced I'd hate the film - in fact, I loved it and have been a Blues Brothers fan ever since.

A couple of years ago, I was invited by Ann and Dean to a performance by one of the Tribute Bands at the 'Robin 2' club in Bilston. We all had a great time: 'Jake & Elwood - The Blues Brothers Show & The Black Rhino Band' live up to the high standards of musicianship set by the originals.

Ann, John and Jan at the 'Robin 2

'Jake & Elwood - The Blues Brothers Show & The Black Rhino Band' returned to the 'Robin 2' on 23-Feb-2008 so, of course, Ann, Dean and Jan went to enjoy the act again, this time accompanied by John. Below, just a brief snatch of their music.