Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Morris Dancing

Did you know that the Morris Ring was set up in 1934 to encourage the performance of Morris Dancing, maintain its tradition and preserve its history? Neither did I. Nor did I know that the Stafford Morris Men are celebrating 50 years since their founding. As part of this celebration, the Morris Ring of England held their 311th Ring Meeting in Staffordshire, culminating in a display in the Market Square at Brewood.

Morris Dancing is not a usual event in Brewood, so when I found out about the display, I made sure I went to have a look. Although rain threatened, the weather remained quite good as the large number of dancers were put through their paces and I managed to get a number of photographs. There were around 20 different 'sides', from all over the country, each with its distinctive colours. It was a colourful and jolly event, as I hope you can see from my photographs.

Click for my photographs.